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Lobby Minecraft Island [1.12.2]

Skyblock 13.0 was released on the 13th of November 2021. It saw the removal of the 2nd Skyblock realm but also an update to Minecraft 1.12.2. The spawn was the same one that Skyblock 3.0 had, but adapted to the new features which had been added since then. The economy got big changes, along with new 1.12 shop items and Beetroots as a farming item. Silverfish would now drop emerald blocks instead of emeralds. New features included a new "Fly" permission for islands, new statistics (Lava Fish, Generator Blocks), a revamped /help command, Emerald Wands and the ability to allow other players to store emeralds into the emerald vault. Changes were also made to the island upgrades, allowing the placement of more hoppers. In addition, the Slayer skill was updated to also give double experience to the generator and Mining skill would now also count the ores which were bought from the shop. Some quality of life changes were also made, including the ability to queue Boosters, the ability to see when a Booster was last activated and new sorting options for /is top.

Lobby Minecraft Island [1.12.2]



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