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Beyonce 4 Zip Mediafirel [UPD]

i love beyonce they call me her stan too! anyway, for all of the haters, who call her a flop, and make excuses as to why the album/single didnt sell, remember when you were all so excited for rihanna's album to come out? remember how hyped you all were? and how much you all thought she was going to flop even though she sold over 90 million+ records worldwide? and how much of you were trying to use excuses as to why she didn't sell? remember how you all called her a flop and her album a flop? remember that you made excuses and were all kind of disrespectful towards her too? well, i'm sorry you all were wrong. because, beyonce is now doing more than rihanna has done in the past for christ's sake. bey has had the biggest drop off in album sales since, lets see, album 1, or the first 3 albums.

Beyonce 4 Zip Mediafirel

well beyonce i guess all i have to say is "thank you" for this one, this is my favourite song on the album, it's really fun, great beat, great hook, "yeah, you know you want it, do it!" which is one of the best singles ever

is she overrated? yes. does she have a crappy music style? yes. does she suck on stage? yes. do you like her? no. enough already. she may have a nice singing voice. she is probably hot, but why does she have to make the flaunting of her body up in the air her career? yes. stop making those t-shirts that say she has the biggest a$$ in the world. she is not the only female artist out there. she's a very good entertainer, but she is not the biggest. the only way i really like her is when she sings. that is her only point of appeal.

beyonce is truly amazing. if it wasn't for her, i'd never have heard the song "single ladies" she & jay-z is the reason i bought her album. i think a lot of people who take the fact that she's from a poor neighborhood and her father is not around as an excuse to not appreciate what she has done with her life. she's beautiful, articulate, very talented and has managed to build a business that not only sells cds, but dvds and attendents. she's a great inspiration and a credit to her parents. she set an example for all people of color and women of young girls.


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