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Protoje Not Another !FREE!

He was born in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica.[1] Protoje first gained notice for his 2005 mixtape Lyrical Overdose Volume 1, featuring mostly hip hop-influenced songs. With a guest appearance by Busy Signal, however, his future career was leveled as a reggae and dancehall artist. In 2010, Protoje began working with Don Corleon Records, run by his cousin[4] and popular Jamaican producer Don Corleon.[5] After releasing "Dread", "JA" and "Roll" in 2010, Protoje's debut album, entitled The Seven Year Itch, was released on 25 January 2011. The first single off the album, dubbed "Arguments" (2009), was responsible for his early popularity in Jamaica. In 2011, he released another single off the album entitled "Rasta Love" featuring Ky-Mani Marley.

Protoje Not Another

Iotosh also worked on a few tracks off another of 2020's biggest reggae albums, Jah9's Note To Self, including the Chronixx-featuring single/title track. It's the first album in four years from Jah9, who exploded onto the modern reggae scene with her 2013 debut album New Name, and it represents yet another side of today's diverse reggae landscape. It owes as much to hard-hitting late '70s / early '80s style reggae grooves as it does to '90s neo-soul. The Reggaeville review of the album compared it to both Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill, and wrote, "It is, in no uncertain terms, The Miseducation Of Jah9."

Not another wordWe nah go no furtherWha' dat deh a gwaan inna Earth yaDi yutes dem have no parents so yuh find that they have lost their wayAnd mi seh not another wordMi nah go no furtherYour babymother yuh go murderRevelation tell we so I guess this is the end of days

Guess dis is the end of dayGuess dis is the end of dayOh, lawdCus we don't, we don't learnSo now we gonna learn the hard wayWe don't, we don't learn(So now, we gonna learn the hard way)We don't, we don't learnMi seh not another word 041b061a72


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