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Among various types of buildings, this study focuses on masonry structures. Since masonry has structural characteristics that are weak against lateral forces, it is very vulnerable to earthquakes. There are a lot of masonry buildings that are not designed to withstand earthquakes, and worse yet, many of them are in a state of structural deterioration due to aging. Therefore, there have been many studies on seismic reinforcement for such masonry buildings. Among the new reinforcement methods, steel, steel stripes [4,5], steel-bar truss [6], dry-connected steel plate frames [7], etc., have been recently introduced. However, the steel reinforcement method still has some disadvantages such as high cost, difficulty in installation, and increased self-weight. More recently, fiber-reinforced polymers (FRPs) have been used instead of steel to reinforce masonry. These new composite materials are typically composed of fibers such as carbon (CFRP), glass (GFRP) or aramid (AFRP). Many experimental studies have shown that FRP reinforcement technology improves the seismic performance of masonry. However, FRP has several drawbacks such as high cost, low impact resistance, low fire resistance, application limitations in high and low temperature conditions, and debonding failure due to various causes [8,9,10,11].

Frm level 1 study material free download




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