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Clairol Nice N Easy Buy One Get One 'LINK' Free Coupon

As a licensed cosmetologist (for more than 20 years), I have steered clear of over the counter hair color products, until I was introduced to this product! My girlfriend got a coupon for a free one and wanted me to try it on her. I was reluctant because her hair is very dark and curly and coarse with stubborn gray but she insisted. I was more than pleasantly surprised! It processed very quickly, it covered her grays beautifully and left her hair very soft and manageable. It lasted through many more washes than I would have expected. We will continue to use this for her, and I will even try it on myself for my next tough up.

clairol nice n easy buy one get one free coupon

I have been using Nice'n Easy for almost 40 years but no more. I won't ever even use Clairol again. This was the worst stuff ever!!!!!!! The smell - there aren't enough words to describe. Even with fans I thought I would pass out. I can attest to the terrible drippy inconsistent foam. It didn't reach my roots but it did seem to do a good job of burning my scalp. I also have arthritic hands. I didn't realize how hard I would have to squeeze the bottle. Since the bottle has to be upright, I couldn't even use my feet on the floor. There is also less product than with regular nicen easy and since the bottle has to be upright to squeeze you really don't use all of it without taking the top off. Since there was less product, my hair would not pile on top of my head as usual. I got stains on my arms, shoulders and back. I was taking a trip and had to scrub like mad to lighten them. Leave yourself enough time to wash this out, get to the store and buy another product to do it over again. As I said, I have been coloring my hair for almost 40 years and this was the worst ever!!!! Do not buy this product.

I purchased the Med. Reddish Brown with a freeby coupon I received in the mail. I really liked the color however I only gave it a "3" star because it advertises that it's drip free and it isn't. You have to continue to shake the container vigerously after each pump into your hand to have it foam up. And if you don't do this it comes very watery and drips over everything. I was a real mess to get enough color on my hair, and have very short hair. The only way I would buy this again is if I received another freeby coupon.

I have been dying my hair for over twenty years. So eventhough I have never used a Nice 'N Easy product before I had little reservation about it because I have used many different products over the years. I received my free coupon from Nice 'N Easy and purchased the Light Auburn color. When I started to mix and then shake it look for like an orange color but, I know from years past of dying my hair it always goes on differently so I went for it. Immediately after applying my scalp felt as though it was on fire. I have NEVER had a problem with sensitivity to a product I tried to continue with application but the longer I left it on the worse it got. I had to wash it out, This was not a sting like you might experience if you have a scratch on your scalp. This was an all over burning sensation. My mother who has been a hairdresser for over forty years was wearing gloves while applying and her hand felt the same sensation and were she had gotten some product she was left with a red rash and she was wearing gloves. And the smell was unbearable it made anyone who was in the room eyes water. My experience was so awful it it were an option I would not even give it one star. That being said, I would never recommend this to anyone.

This really worked out to be a GOOD trip! I scanned my CVS card at the coupon machine in store and got a $6 off $30 coupon, $3 Extrabucks for spending $30 on beauty products earlier this week, and my coupon for a free haircolor for buying 7 last week!

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